re: Should they not be?
Posted by: Seth Christenfeld (tabula-rasa@verizon.net) 11:29 pm EST 11/16/22
In reply to: re: Should they not be? - Zelgo 02:34 pm EST 11/16/22

We get a Best Musical closing at a loss because it's about a topic tourists avoid (the challenging life of a Black gay man); we get KPop.

I mean, KPOP is created by a team of great theatre folks: Max Vernon and Helen Park were the year ahead of me at NYU's Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program, Jason Kim's had plays done all over the place, and Teddy Bergman founded Woodshed Collective and has directed and acted everywhere. And of course it started at Ars Nova, not the most commercial company out there.

But go off, I suppose.

Seth, who is not a cash grab

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