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It’s “Dutch” comedy and was a staple of vaudeville and early Broadway shows.

It is probably derived from the older "Dutch" vaudeville comedy (German ethnic stereotypes) but what Brice performed during her theatrical moment was called "Yid" material. She also performed in blackface in what was then called "Coon" songs (see review of Barbara Grossman's book linked below).

An earlier female Jewish performer of the Ziegfield follies who wasn't able to break through the feathered boa ceiling in the same way that Brice was able to was Sophie Tucker who began her career in blackface as a "Coon Shouter".

Blackface as has been discussed here was used both by white and black performers. I'm not sure if the "Yid" song was used both by Jewish and gentile performers but it would be interesting to study.

I'm fascinated by the use of ethnic stereotypes in American vaudeville and what persists popularly but that number in the current revival stuck out like a sore thumb in its disconnect between the care taken over inclusive casting and the thoughtlessness of including the number without any kind of context or re-thinking.
Link Funny Woman: The Life and Times of Fanny Brice

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