So was Paul Taylor influenced by Elaine Benes or was it the other way around?
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When I was in town earlier this month for a very brief business trip I had an unexpected free evening and was wrestling with whether to see a play (most likely, Downstate) or Paul Taylor Dance Company's residency at Lincoln Center. Having never seen Paul Taylor Dance Company before and really only knowing them by name, I decided to opt for them. I ended up regretting my choice in the subsequent weeks -- not only because of all the acclaim Downstate is getting, but because, I'm afraid, I don't think Paul Taylor's work is for me. Two of the works performed were apparently signature pieces of Mr. Taylor's original choreography and... well.. I felt like I was being trolled at times. I guess the spasmodic, fitful movement wasn't for me. And those signature... spasms of movement kept reminding me of something, but I couldn't put my finger on it until, in the lobby I overheard TWO separate parties cite the great dancer Elaine Benes.

I know, I know, this is where you'll tell me I'm a philistine who has no grasp on the concept of modern dance. Perhaps you're right, but based upon those overheard lobby conversations, I'm not alone!
Link Seinfeld -- choreography by Paul Taylor?

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