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Posted by: T.B._Admin. 09:03 pm EST 11/17/22

Howard Miller takes a look at & Juliet at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre:

What do you call a jukebox musical with the self-awareness and sense of humor to place an actual jukebox onstage preshow and to put a gumball machine on display as its cast performs tunes that fall into the general category of bubblegum pop? Well, the punchline is, you still call it a jukebox musical. The latest one to toss its hat in the ring is & Juliet, opening tonight at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre. Beyond its plethora of familiar pop/rock songs, the show provides enough stagecraft to power a dozen shows, a cornucopia of pyrotechnics, confetti, and design elements that may make you feel you have fallen into a game of Candy Crush.
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