re: My take on INTO THE WOODS
Posted by: theatreguy40 01:42 pm EST 11/18/22
In reply to: My take on INTO THE WOODS - Revned 12:27 am EST 11/18/22

I had been hearing glowing reports about this revival and was beginning to feel that I would need to go see it. However --- I did see the presentation of "Agony" on television and was completely turned off by it. I felt the exact same way as you do about the approach to the material (at least as far as that song is concerned): over staged, cartoonish, ungrounded, and obviously not trusting the material! How can you NOT trust it? The lyrics do all the work but in this production the performances of the two Princes with their over-emphasis of the "jokes" and the grand gestures just reduce everything into nothing. Very disappointed. So, just having seen that clip, I realized what the whole show must be like. I love the show -- saw it several times in it's original form, have "taught" it in a musical theatre deconstruction class, and have also directed the show. There's too much there in the material to love and I feel seeing this revival will only make me regret my choice to see it -- so I shall pass on it.

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