Favorite Flop recordings you play a lot (that haven't had many revival "second chances")
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Wondering what some of your go-to enjoyable musicals you play from shows that didn't run long. I'm sure for many “Candide, “Mack and Mabel”, “Merrily We Roll Along” and “Anyone Can Whistle” might qualify for having had short runs, but they’ve also had an afterlife with more than one “second chance”. So looking for others that haven't had as many chances to be rediscovered.

"Goldilocks" - really a silly, wrong-headed title for a highly enjoyable show about early Hollywood with marvelous performances led by Elaine Stritch, Don Ameche, Pat Stanley and Russell Nype with music and orchestrations by Leroy Anderson (composer of "Sleigh Ride", "The Syncopated Clock" and novelty/light-hearted orchestral classics) and lyrics by Walter and Jean Kerr and Joan Ford

"Tenderloin" - Bock and Harnick's enjoyable score with fine vocal performances led by Maurice Evans and Ron Husmann (it ran for over 200 performances, but might be considered a flop)

"Drat! the Cat!" - the live LP recording from a live performances starring Elliot Gould and Lesley Ann Warren sounds like a hit from audience response, and the studio recording with Susan Egan and Jason Graae also very enjoyable

"The Gay Life" - Barbara Cook is especially enchanting in mostly wonderful Dietz/Schwartz score

"The Grass Harp" - Barbara Cook, Karen Morrow and Carol Brice's voices are three forces of nature in some gorgeous songs

"Subways Are For Sleeping" - fun overture, very singular opening number; also on first hearing you can get why Phyllis Newman stopped the show with "I Was a Shoo-in". The show features some other great numbers as well.

"Hallelujah, Baby!" - won the Best Musical, but still considered a lop - Leslie Uggams, Lillian Hayman and company are wonderful in the only Tony award-winning musical score for which Jule Styne ever won that award.

"House of Flowers" - Pearl Bailey and Diahann Carroll heading the cast singing a wonderful Arlen/Capote score

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