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With “Plays for the Plague Year” at the Public, “Becky Nurse of Salem” at Lincoln Center Theater, and “Downstate” at Playwrights Horizons all reportedly or definitively now on hiatus - and with “A Delicate Balance” at Transport apparently closing early - all due to Covid… is there any website or outlet once again keeping track of cancellations and suspensions in real time?

On the one hand I’m not seeing overall signs of another overall surge… but on the other hand that’s too many things (and all relatively small plays!) to be canceled, shut down or put on pause just in the past week for it to be all a coincidence.

So not trying to be an alarmist here, since obviously I hope we’re not in for a repeat of the big holiday weeks from a year ago; but that said, at the time there were several websites including Playbill, maybe even the New York Times, and BroadwayWorld, that were keeping track of the constant changes, and on through the rest of the winter.

Considering people below are already asking for updates from the rumor mill about show cancellations because some theaters haven’t announced anything, I feel like it’s not too early for one of those outlets to start doing the same thing again this year - not as a sort of doomsday clock, but simply as a public service: the crowd at the Mitzi Newhouse last night at 7:30PM was very understanding, but also understandably not happy, about a show that had been canceled less than an hour earlier… and if the same thing is happening at Playwrights and elsewhere it seems like it should be reported on so that people can plan accordingly. (The Public at least was completely transparent about shutting down the new Suzan-Lori Parks show for a week and pushing back their opening… but people shouldn’t have to find out that a show at the Transport closed early from a post on a theater chat board referencing another post on Facebook.)

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