re: Favorite Flop recordings you play a lot (that haven't had many revival "second chances")
Posted by: AlanScott 06:01 pm EST 11/19/22
In reply to: Favorite Flop recordings you play a lot (that haven't had many revival "second chances") - PlayWiz 01:02 pm EST 11/19/22

Apart from those already mentioned, most of which I like, I would add these: A Doll's Life, Dance a Little Closer, Out of This World (generally preferring the original, but it's nice to have the extra music and the arguably superior Marin Mazzie and altogether good performances on the Encores!), Juno, Street Scene (if we count it as a flop, it certainly has had an afterlife), Johnny Johnson (only studio recordings, but a great score), Minnie's Boys and Oh, Brother! Then there is the completely bizarre but generally very good Flahooley. I will stick to the Mandelbaum six-month conditional here, unless a show paid off in less than six months (and not due just to a film sale).

I generally find the concept of "guilty pleasures" a bit silly — why feel guilty about enjoying something?— but recordings that I can enjoy while acknowledging that the scores are rather less than first-rate include Henry, Sweet Henry and Ankles Aweigh.

I find most of Goodtime Charley competent but not terribly interesting, but it has one of my all-time favorite songs: "Merci, Bon Dieu," beautifully performed by Susan Browning and Richard B. Shull on the OBCR.

A show that ran a tad more than six months and paid off (thanks partly to a film sale) that fascinates me is Billion Dollar Baby. The recording we have comes from the best Musicals in Mufti I've ever seen, but it suffers from the combo accompaniment for a score that really needs the full orchestrations. I hope someday Encores! does it and gives us a recording with the full orchestrations. Meanwhile, we can also enjoy the 'Charleston" on Jerome Robbins' Broadway.

And since my second favorite Mufti was A Family Affair, my memory has been jogged and so I mention that OBCR, even though I wish the overture (I think it had one) and the proper finale had been included on the recording.

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