1776 matinee today, The Egg...projection/video didn't run
Posted by: Showtunegal 10:44 pm EST 11/19/22

I saw 1776 at the matinee and as we were walking along 42nd Street after the show, a friend and I were saying how we didn't understand why they swelled the music and rocked it out during The Egg--we couldn't even hear the singers. Then someone who had been to the same performance joined our conversation and said there's supposed to be a bunch of images of famous US protests--suffrage, MLK Jr, pussy hats, etc., and I remembered Sara Porkalab taiking about how she thought Jan 6 should have been included. So that solved why the music had swelled over the singers...it was supposed to accompany those images. But it did not. My question, as someone who doesn't work in the theater is, what are reasons that could go wrong in a Broadway house? I mean, it doesn't seem like a tricky effect to pull off. And...I wonder If they were unwilling to start the images a little late because then they would have been off with the music? Grateful if anyone has any insight. Thank you!

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