Marie Christine, 100% -- and LaChiusa's The Wild Party
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I couldn't agree more. Marie Christine was a compelling, fascinating show to see, but the score lives on to me as a standout in the top tier of modern musical scores, and is easily one of the most original and dynamic scores I've ever heard.

The Wild Party i think is a masterwork... i forget sometimes that it flopped on broadway because I was so wowed by it, the show, the score, the cast. It was incredible. And as piece of writing, I can't say enough about it.

Neither has had much life since the broadway runs... though I do think the cast album to Wild Party is pretty well regarded and a favorite among musical theater nerds. Somehow despite Marie Christine being a vehicle written for Audra, and some of the most compelling and impressing singing and acting she's done (which is saying a lot), MC doesn't seem, to me, to have had the same amount of life as an album even.

I listen to both cast albums A LOT.

LaChiusa has never had a "hit" show, they have all either done their scheduled runs (maybe a few extensions) at the non-profit they started at, or failed on Broadway. That doesn't make any of them failures to me, but I don't see them as "flops" because most were off-bway and not intended to have long runs. Some of more life regionally and in schools than others. But I think i'd put *many* of his scores in this thread. MC and WP of course, Bernarda Alba which is stunning to me, See What I Wanna See is produced more than many of his works but not enough, Giant... so many. And many of his shows have cast albums, but some don't (including The Highest Yellow, Rain, and the recent Gardens of Anuncia which was absolutely wonderful).

High hopes for his new musical, workshopping in nyc right now.

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