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Posted by: Chazwaza 01:19 am EST 11/20/22
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Top 5 of the 90s is a big honor for a decade that includes Kiss of the Spider Woman, Passion, City of Angels, Once On This Island, Secret Garden, Titanic, Parade, The Life, Rent, Ragtime, Violet, Hedwig and Floyd Collins!
But... It technically premiered in 2000, and not even on the cusp, in March.
Marie Christine was technically 1999, on the cusp... but the both ran around the same time, but they didn't even run concurrently, which screws with my mind because I remember seeing them within 2 weeks of each other, but MC closed Jan 9 and WP didn't start until March 10. But I wouldn't object to calling them both 2000, because that's their Tonys year.

I'd rank Wild Party as one of the top 5 scores of the 2000s too (competitors include Caroline or Change, Piazza, Hairspray, Taboo, Spring Awakening, Grey Gardens, In the Heights, Passing Strange, Color Purple, Wicked)

... and in the Top 10 scores of the last 30 years.

But when was there a NYC production of LaChiusa's Wild Party after the broadway run?
I'm generally not aware of many productions of it, sadly. It was produced once in LA that I'm aware of, by a small theater, maybe 10 years ago. And that was largely because they have a relationship with MJLaC.

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