re: "Why not get a more complete picture of him from those who knew him"
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Well, it won't be Michael Feinstein! They didn't travel in the same circles! Stating someone was an alcoholic I'd have ask "When?". People change including their vices. If you view the documentary on the recoding of the cast album of "Company" you'd see everyone smoking like a chimney... 3 decades later: "Does anyone still light up a Lucky?". Ruth Mitchell once slapped a cigarette out of Florence Klotz' mouth as witnessed by their housekeeper Ruthie Bethea ( would have made a Hell of a Tik Tok video ). We know Steve likes his herbs and that is easier on the liver. It seemed everyone was tooting up in the 1980's. My other half decorated Hal Prince's East 81st Street townhouse at Christmas time and one year Judy Prince remarked that the crowd would be having their refreshments BEFORE they arrived ( not only anti-drug she also had smokers use the kitchen ).
Sadly most folks who knew Sondheim are long gone! Judy Prince knew Steve before Hal did due to her Pop Saul Chaplin ( overheard Steve called him "Solly" ). Due to knowing the Princes housekeeper I got to meet Sondheim ex-housekeeper Grace Mizrahi and she had stories ( worked at his Turtle Bay place late 1970's/early 1980's ). She was the one who let the next door neighbor on the left into his house and when Steve "How could you do that?" she replied "I'm still little Gracie Mizrahi from The Bronx. She's Katharine Hepburn!". Grace had worked for the Prince organization in the 1960's and she with her Dad pooled in $3,000 to invest in a little show of Hal's called "Fiddler On The Roof". And the investment kept paying back!

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