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Posted by: oddone 03:00 pm EST 11/22/22
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All good choices, and I agree with what you've ruled out.

Downstate is a must-see. I'm having a hard time thinking of something I would put above it.

Haven't seen Ohio State Murders yet. Leopoldstadt is also worth considering, as others have said. It's very good. Did it change my life? No. But will we see another new Tom Stoppard play? Perhaps not. And this one is excellent.

And I agree with the comments on Into the Woods. If you have seen good productions before, this may not be a must-see. The cow is fun. But I have major issues with the rest of the direction. (Some of the costumes are atrocious, and the witch's transformation is just embarrassing.)

Of the three revivals on Broadway right now, I liked The Piano Lesson the best, and I wasn't expecting to. And I liked Death of a Salesman the least.
Topdog/Underdog is a really solid production (I liked it more than the original, partly because I think the two actors are more evenly matched here, and perhaps partly because I'm older). To some extent it also depends on your mood - The Piano Lesson is more uplifting ultimately, while Topdog/Underdog is...less so. I could totally argue for seeing Downstate, Leopoldstadt, and then either The Piano Lesson or Topdog/Underdog, depending on mood/personal preference.

Also worth pointing out, since it seems like you're trying to squeeze in as much as possible, that there are (Saturday matinees of the Mike Birbiglia show at 4 pm (and I'm seeing a Saturday matinee at 5 pm), and then also there is The Wildly Inappropriate Poetry of Arthur Greenleaf Holmes on Wed and Thu at 9:30 at The Tank (so could fit after a 7 pm curtain, of which there are many). I've seen both, and while I wouldn't say either should take the place of something else, they are great add-ons, if the timing works. They're both quite short, and while humor is different for everyone, both made me laugh a lot. (I think I actually saw both on 3 show days, and in each case, they were my favorites of the three shows I saw each day). Be warned - Arthur Greenleaf Holmes is VERY dirty. Very funny, but very very filthy.

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