To the Producers of KIMBERLY AKIMBO
Posted by: theaterisok 04:34 pm EST 11/22/22

This is hands down my favorite musical of the season so far. But you are doing so many things wrong marketing this show. Telecharge just put out an email where the third item is a new video feature "Ask Aunt Debra." This is the second of what I assume will be a series of long form videos. Who thought this was a good idea? Who is your audience for this show? Are they going to waste their time watching the amazing Bonnie Milligan do her best reading from a script that isn't even remotely funny? Have you heard of social media? Do you know this video clip is too long for social media? Will anyone who hasn't seen the show actually understand this? Are you hoping those who don't understand it won't bother buying tickets? Is the reality that Serino and Situation have jumped the shark? You have five "teenagers" in the cast. Has anyone bothered to ask them how they use social media? Or how their characters would use it? Your TikTok is a total waste...and a wasted opportunity for this worthy show. I'm very worried for this shows future. :(

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