following the Spring Awakening playbook?
Posted by: nyhkguy 07:20 pm EST 11/22/22
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Whether or not it's deliberate, Kimberly may be hoping to follow Spring Awakening's path to success:

- both are transfers from acclaimed runs at Off-Broadway's Atlantic theatre, which hosted the show's world premieres 6-9 months before moving to Broadway
- the Booth's fall availability probably forced Kimberly's hand, lest some other show claim the theatre and stay put into the spring, blocking Kimberly from a spring berth
- Spring Awakening started previews in November 2006 and had a pretty rocky preview period (business-wise), grossing $200K/week (1/4 of gross potential) and 40-50% capacity
- rave reviews when it opened December 2006 brought it to break-even (70-80% capacity, around $400-500K/week) through the winter, and then the Tony noms and wins lifted it up to 90-100% long enough to recoup.
- comps: David's Stone other quirky musical comedy, 25th Annual..., had an easier time, immediately transferring from Second Stage to Circle in the Square, so the "heat" of the off-Broadway reviews helped market the Broadway transfer, so its grosses were decent from the first Broadway preview. Gentleman's had a similar trajectory as Spring Awakening (fall opening, winter run at 50% gross potential, then success after the Tonys) but without such a dire preview period.

Kimberly has a harder time than all 3 shows because traditional audiences haven't fully returned, and the Booth's smaller capacity means word of mouth is growing at a slower pace, plus the show may not be as universally loved as Spring Awakening or Spelling Bee. Hopefully Stone & co have a sufficient reserve in the capitalization to keep the show running through the Tonys.

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