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I don't see how the use of the footage is any different from the use of images to evoke empathy for the poor or starving which motivate charity work and donations.

And given the second act was all about taking responsibility, the song was a cry from the heart. It was genuinely intended, and illuminated something many, up till then, thought little about.

Times and availability of Asian actors were different then, and, as the show continued, it brought to light many new talents who then took on the leading roles; also, the show itself became familiar enough that it did not need to depend upon familiar names in leading roles. The show also had a specifically enhancing effect on pride in the Philippines, where my wife is from.

(Further, I recall a London company playing the show a few years back did a charity drive to get drama classes into the slums in Manila, paying back, so to speak, out of gratitude for that nation to the show. Anything for those kids is good; I recall being stuck in traffic in Manila, stopped for some time at a corner in a taxi, and seeing two boys, one older, one younger, and their game was for the older boy to sprinkle dirt into the younger one's hand, and then the reverse, them both watching the movement of the grains, then sometimes letting them drop to the ground and form a little cone, before starting again - this for some fifteen minutes, and with shanties behind them leading down to the bay.)

Only about 15 years before, Pacific Overtures had struggled to find a complete cast of Asian actors.

People forget that the past was different to the present - increased international travel, for one thing, as well as the good example of shows like Miss Saigon and South Pacific, have helped to change what is possible.

But the intentions then, of the creators, were entirely good.

We should worry more about what we are doing right now - what we take for granted in our actions in our world - because, who knows how we will be judged in the future for what we believe is well intentioned now. And who knows what they will say of us, even when we tried our best with what we were given?

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