Ben Crawford as the Phantom and Kevin del Aquila as Osgood
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I saw Phantom at last Thursday’s matinee. Absolutely spectacular. He was menacing, romantic, sexy, and thrilling.

Kevin Del Aguila is daffy and, surprisingly, deeply moving in Some Like It Hot. He’s giving a show-stealing performance. He is a complete joy. Just joy.

I’d give very honorable mentions to the entire casts of Leopoldstadt and Titanique and Ramin’s naked torso.

I saw the Radio City Christmas Spectacular this week. I’ve seen it many, many times and have, in the past, found myself bored. But this year’s show is the best in memory. It’s Rockette heavy — and that’s a VERY good thing. No silly, tedious story. Santa hosts it and, at one point, in some of the best graphics and use of technology I have ever seen, we ride with him from the North Pole to Radio City. The 3-D is … breathtaking. And the Rockettes’ legendary precision is on full display.


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