re: Damn, damn, damn
Posted by: DistantDrumming 06:41 pm EST 11/23/22
In reply to: Damn, damn, damn - Genealley 04:04 pm EST 11/23/22

That's funny, complete reverse for me. I don't quite understand all the breathless reactions to Milky White, though, I agree Kennedy Kanagawa did a lovely job.

As for Fat Ham... not to rub salt in the wound, but you really missed out. One of the most consistently entertaining evenings I've had in the theatre. Clever, but not overly clever in its parallels between Hamilton and the 'Fat Ham' family, a universally excellent cast and a charismatic lead actor who felt like he could be on the verge of a big career. That said, I believe someone on ATC who claimed to be in the know said it was coming back (perhaps as a Broadway transfer)?

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