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Posted by: Roman 08:57 am EST 11/24/22
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I had a terrific time. The show has a VERY funny book. I did not expect to laugh like that. I also did not expect to be as moved as I was. Del Aguila is one of the brightest spots of the season and his Mariposa number is genuinely moving. It’s an important moment in the show and he delivers it with love and delicacy.

I also want to acknowledge Natasha Yvette Williams in a smashing performance as Sweet Sue. She’s absolutely gorgeous, has a terrific voice, and is very, very funny.

It’s a silly, terrific show with a genuinely surprising amount of heart. I don’t know WHAT the “theres too much tap dancing” kvetching is about. That wasn’t my experience — the ensemble is FANTASTIC.

My only quibble, during this preview period: I’d like to see a deeper discussion between Christian and J’s characters late in Act 2. No spoilers, but if you’ve seen it, you know what I’m talking about. The show as it is glosses over the moment and misses an opportunity to take the characters deeper. And perhaps a quick return to the song about their brotherhood again.

But, I found the whole thing to be a ticklish joy. And, again, Kevin and J. are bliss.

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