curious who you'd un-nominate
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Though I know it's a very un-Wayman Wong thing to answer... I have to wonder who you'd have not nominated to make room for Kritzer to have been nominated.

I don't disagree that Kritzer was fantastic in 2 roles in this show* ... it was a fairly stacked category, with the nominees being:
Ali Stroker – Oklahoma! as Ado Annie Carnes
Lilli Cooper – Tootsie as Julie Nichols
Amber Gray – Hadestown as Persephone
Sarah Stiles – Tootsie as Sandy Lester
Mary Testa – Oklahoma! as Aunt Eller

Of those I'd have un-nominated Lilli Cooper, who I didn't think was anything special in a not especially great role in Tootsie, super talented though she is. I also think a case could be made that she should have been un-nominated in the Lead Actress category rather than nominated in Featured. She is the female lead of that show, but of course all the roles look featured compared to the Santino role.

I'd probably have given the award to Amber Gray, even if Kritzer had been nominated.

*(the fact that the show was dismissed by critics doesn't help it compete and win slots in nominating categories that are crowded, though it nonetheless managed nominated for Musical, Book, Score, Lead Actor, Scenic, Lighting and Costumes - though not director, which I think is key, and while I'm not big fan of the show or Alex Timbers, I'd have nominated him over Scott Ellis for Tootsie for sure)

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