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On the issue of the set... I have to assume the voters went with Hadestown because it was an original artistic landscape for a new show presenting two worlds... and the set brilliantly executed the practical real world and the theatrically simple but inventive life of the underworld... I was not as impressed with it as many... but I can acknowledge those things.
Whereas Beetlejuice was an incredible set but it is a pretty literal and obvious theatrical translation of the film's (and animated TV series') set design and spaces.

I am surprised to hear this is one of your all time favorite musicals, but to each their own. I found it much more enjoyable and less bad than I been told by many it is... but it's not going to make any lists of mine for favorite or best. And don't get me started on the once exciting and promising Alex Timbers. Moulin Rouge is one of the most embarrassingly directed musicals, and one the most absurdly wasted opportunities of stage direction given what the movie achieved directorally, that I've seen.

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