David Zippel-- a delightful Zoom Meeting
Posted by: GavinLogan1 05:41 pm EST 11/24/22

Wanted to share this excellent interaction.

Years ago I followed David Zippel on Twitter, and I sent him a few tweets about his work on "The Woman in White" (a show and score I think is quite wonderful, wit obvious flaws). He responded generously to my tweets.

Last year, I had several twitter exchanges with him about his "Cinderella" with ALW. He always answered the questions with alacrity and wit. After a while, I figured tweets were too limiting, so I took my chances and sent him a direct message... I "slipped into his DMs" as my students say...

I had several questions for him about how the show was structured, about why they cut "The Ballad of the Three-HEaded Sea Witch" (a fantastically over-the-top glam rock number for Prince Charming). He ws always, as I said above, gracious and thorough in his replies, and appreciative of the attention and love his work has inspired in me.

I teach Musical Theatre in a High School in Calgary and I had asked him last year if he would be interested in doing a Zoom meeting with my students, as one of the several shows we were studying was "Cinderella" now "BAD Cinderella"). He agreed and we had a date set for this to occur. However, with the Omicron wave, our provincial government decided to shut down schools for an extra week after Christmas and our scheduled date passed us by.

However, I contacted him again this November to ask if he'd still be interested and at long last, we did the Zoom meeting this weekend. Myself and my 47-student Musical Theatre class (made up of students in grades 10--12) had the most lovely and interesting Zoom with him.

Mr. Zippel is so warm, witty, passionate about his profession. The students were privileged to ask him several questions that they had written themselves, after a few days of prep work, studying his work on "Mulan", "Hercules", "City of Angels", "The Woman in White", and "Cinderella". We also got to hear how he, ALW, and Emerald Fennell managed to re-write and finalize their show whilst in a lockdown in which the lyricist was 8-9 hours away. He described a fascinating, convivial, and interesting partnership.

He obviously has great respect and passion for his coworkers and co-creators, but it was also great to hear about how he, Fennell, and ALW worked together to bounce ideas an themes etcetera off one another... not so much the one-man show many would expect in an ALW show.

My students had so many questions (many were coming up with new ones even as we were trying to sign off) that Mr. Zippel even encouraged me to send a new Zoom link so we could continue the discussion.

What a funny, kind, thoughtful man.

Just had to share! A definite highlight of my career and my fandom!

Gavin :)

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