re: Last night's Final Jeopardy! (Spoiler)
Posted by: AlanScott 06:17 pm EST 11/24/22
In reply to: re: Last night's Final Jeopardy! (Spoiler) - BobPlak 11:15 am EST 11/24/22

Yes, I have thought about that. Are you thinking about teams or just composer-lyricists? Forum at least came close, with no footnote needed about a return engagement, but still not quite.

It remains a sadness that neither Maltby and Shire nor Grossman and Hackady, two teams who had plenty of talent and skill, never had a hit Broadway musical. Had Love Match made it to Broadway, Maltby and Shire might have gotten hired for more Broadway shows earlier, even though Love Match surely would have failed. But it would have left behind a great cast recording, had there been one. Ditto for How Do You Do I Love You.

Grossman and Hackady, of course, had their chances, but didn't get the right shows. Always shows about the wrong character!

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