Merrily We Roll Along November 23 NYTW
Posted by: toros 12:00 pm EST 11/25/22

A few words about Merrily at NYTW. I saw the show on Wednesday, November 23.
It's a very good production, but not quite great, at this point. The leads are strong, and have genuine camaraderie as actors. They don't look quite right as friends, though. Groff is a standout, and has never been better, which is high praise. The secondary leads are also very good. The orchestrations are excellent. The production is a bit of an eye-sore, and the lighting has a long way to go. More concerned about the set. And while the entire ensemble is strong (with one notable exception), the staging of the transitions is consistently awkward. The first scene, at the movie premiere party, is over-the-top and not entirely convincing. Everyone behaves appallingly to an almost absurd extreme. That said, it certainly sets up a contrast with the later scenes, each of which gets better and stronger and richer and clearer as the show goes on. I saw the original production 14 times in previews, and am happy to answer any specific questions, but I'm sure there will be ample, and more detailed reactions posted here soon. The show runs 2:45 including intermission.

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