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That unfortunate set has been around since the Menier original. They dragged it to the Huntington in Boston in 2017 also, where it just stood there like the big negative-space white wall that it is. (A terrific mostly local cast in Boston, though - even though I was not a fan of Umbers, who flew overseas with the terrific Humbley.)

The continued disfiguring of the Overture (I assume it's the same cut as in London and Boston) is horrific. I'm not a great fan of the compromised version redone for the 1994 revised edition (but they had to get "Rich And Happy" out of there, and there was no tuba for "Good Thing Going" anymore - it's a piano lead now - so I get it), but the further cut made in this production (before they even get to "Good Thing Going") is simply cruel punishment. Makes me wish they would have just cut the whole thing and call it a day.

That said - how is the actress playing Meg (Talia Robinson)? She's one of my former students (and was just with the company of Dear Evan Hansen as well). Wishing I could get to see her in this.

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