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Posted by: AlanScott 10:34 pm EST 11/25/22
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Do you think that those of us who loved the production — as toros did, as I did, as jjhbb340 did — haven't read that piece? And do you think if we read it again that we would change our minds? I don't get the point of that suggestion. I know what was said in the piece. I've read it a number of times over the years, starting on the Saturday night when that edition of the Sunday Times appeared on the newsstands. I read it when I came back from second-acting Merrily. I had seen it four times complete and I was to see it two more times complete, plus one more second act.

I don't think any production since then has even come close to that production. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it as some of us did. I promise you it's more than just us three who loved it. Not that it matters how many people loved it. Even if it were just one person, that person has the right to have that opinion. I don't mind you stating your opinion, but even if Hal Prince feared it was a dud, should that change someone else's higher opinion of his work? It feels like you're trying to make us change our opinion. I don't want to try to make you change yours. You can be wrong as much as you want. :)

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