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Posted by: Dale 10:50 am EST 11/27/22
In reply to: A "Leader of the Pack" vibe in the parade performance. - Delvino 08:00 am EST 11/27/22

I didn't see ( or feel ) any simulaties in "A Beautiful Noise" ( was grounded in reality ) with "Leader Of The Pack" ( which was cartoony ) except they traveled the same areas like the Brill Building for one. Ellie Greenwich played herself in "Leader Of The Pack" with Dinah Manoff as a younger version of Ellie. The older and young Neil Diamonds in this worked a lot better especially with the ending when Mark Jacoby finally sings. The only times my audience sang along was "Sweet Caroline" which ended Act 1 and whatever was played at the finale which sort of fit well.
Bri Sudia is making her Broadway debut as Ellie Greenwich and I had the pleasure of seeing her as Ruth in "Wonderful Town" at Chicago's Goodman Theater in 2016!
What issues I have is dialogue given during a song plus most of those singles ended with a fade out while on Broadway it's that odd flourish at the end.

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