Oh! THAT's the origin story of Darlene Love's 'River Deep.."?
Posted by: DistantDrumming 06:33 pm EST 11/27/22
In reply to: A "Leader of the Pack" vibe in the parade performance. - Delvino 08:00 am EST 11/27/22

My first association with Darlene and that incredible song was her 2007 performance on Letterman, backed by a dramatically augmented CBS Orchestra and several background singers. While no one will come close to the raw intensity of Tina Turner's vocal. That Letterman performance is thrilling.. one of the few times I've heard a live performance that produced that famous 'wall of sound'. I believe Darlene Love performed this around the time of her Hairspray run.
Link Darlene Love - River Deep, Mountain High on Letterman

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