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They could have gone with "quiet power" for Clarke, but I'm not sure why the director and Clarke decided to have her Linda make gestures and expressions of disgust and anger whenever Willy was dismissive to her. To have Linda be so visibly angry, in front of her sons, about the way she is treated by her husband creates inconsistencies in the actions and arc of her character IMO.

Pierce seems the clear frontrunner for the Tony for Best Actor up to now. I don't think any actor in a show that's opened so far will get more votes than him. The spring only has four eligible Leading Actors in a Play, I believe: Nathan Lane in Pictures from Home, the lead in Fat Ham, Sean Hayes in Goodnight Oscar, and the lead in Life of Pi.

I think The Piano Lesson has the edge over Death of a Salesman for Best Revival so far, though.

Leading Actress seems underpopulated this year. I think the only eligible candidates over the whole season are Danielle Brooks, Audra McDonald, Jessica Chastain, Jodie Comer, Jessica Hecht, and Laura Linney. And the lead in Room, if that happens.

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