Hugh Jackman acting choices
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Hugh Jackman, the Actor - in the world of film.

Not surprisingly, it seems that the impression with many theatre fans re Hugh Jackman's acting ability is to relegate him to 2 kinds of roles - that of a famous comicbook character called Wolverine and a singing & dancing PT Barnum ( the Greatest Showman) plus what he has done on the New York stage (Broadway & the concert version of Carousel with Audra M).

His range is much more than that - soon, his new movie called THE SON (a follow-up but not a sequel to Florian Zeller's The Father) will be released and he may or may not be nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal. Not so long ago, during the pandemic, Bad Education was released during its height. He was also praised for his best screen work but since HBO bought its film rights, it was released on TV and did not have any theatrical release (he did get nominated for an acting EMMY & missed the chance for an Oscar nomination). It was dark comedy on a real-life much-loved school administrator who initiated the largest embezzlement in the US school system. He played a con man here ( just as he did in the Barnum movie)...just as he does in The Music Man. But note the varying ways that he interpreted the roles. In more powerful dramatic performances, watch his 10 year old movie called Prisoners ( which recently topped Netflix streaming, beating Black Adam) - you will not recognize the genial Harold Hill at all - he is at his most terrifying best. In his role as Wolverine, the end-movie to the saga (LOGAN) has earned praise as the best in comicbook history - not for the action but for the dramatic elements of the story and for his powerful acting ability. Of course, we know he got an Oscar nomination for LES MISERABLES - his SOLILOQUY is regarded as the best acting/singing moment in that year. Many thought how well he competed with the likes of acting powerhouses Daniel Day Lewis & Joaquin Phoenix.

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