Most perfect Broadway PRODUCTION of a musical
Posted by: aleck 04:50 pm EST 01/19/23

Looking at the lists before for most perfect musical raises the issue of when a production colors your view of the musical.

I would have said that Carousel was the most perfect musical -- before the most recent revival. I'd say the same thing of Music Man, until the most recent revival. And could Gypsy have ever reached legendary status if the original production had been one of the recent revivals. I don't really think so. And West Side Story? Legendary based on recent revivals? Again, I don't think so. What about that most recent revival of Guys and Dolls? Yikes. If that had been the original production no one would have seen it revived. Same thing with that truncated Porgy and Bess with Audra.

On the other hand, I know of fantastic productions of not-so-perfect shows. Like, Dreamgirls. I'd call the original production with the original cast the most perfect production of a not-so-perfect musical. But who noticed? The same can be said, I think, of Light in the Piazza.

And my vote for the most perfect production of the most perfect musical? South Pacific at Lincoln Center (early in the run).

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