Tony for Best Replacement®?
Posted by: portenopete 12:10 pm EST 01/20/23
In reply to: Tony for Lea in Funny Girl - tocop 11:30 am EST 01/20/23

I agree that replacements of note should be considered for Tony Awards. There are a lot of actors who would have walked away with one: Reba McIntire in ANNIE GET YOUR GUN, Dorothy Loudon in SWEENEY TODD, Bernadette Peters in A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC. I'm sure many more worthy recipients could be mentioned.

But I doubt that in this case they would award a special Tony unless the producers hold undue sway over the nomination process (which seems doubtful given its poor showing last year).

I imagine they will give FUNNY GIRL a slot and allow Miss Michelle another chance of doing "Don't Rain on My Parade", which should sell more tickets than an honorary award.

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