re: Why is no one mentioning Larry Kert?
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There are always new Tony committees who will do what they want. Now, if someone can make the cast that nominating Lea Michelle for a Tony and/or having her sing on TV will improve business for all of Broadway, you never know which way the wind will blow, since someone might invariably, as happened here, bring up Larry Kert being nominated for "Company" as precedent. There was also some acrimony around the time of "On the 20th Century" of how Prince was treating Kahn. I later met one of the guys who played one of the porters, and he told me that Prince seemed to have it in or Madeline from the start, making an already well-known to be kind of insecure performer even less self-confident in her abilities at times. The committee might have also thought that she was a big star who most likely would be in the audience if she was nominated; that might help ratings -- a big concern when you see all the network tv stars they have presenting awards usually when a movie star isn't performing on Broadway or available. Again, a different Tony committee might have done something different -- they changed categories like Mary Alice winning Supporting for "Fences" and Viola Davis winning Lead Actress for the same role years down the pike. Lea Michelle, as well as Julie Benko helping keep the show going until Michelle was ready to debut, made a success out of what was a long soap opera-worthy saga that was losing money after the initial reviews for the previous lead performer. The committee might deem her worthy of something on the show.

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