re: Why is no one mentioning Larry Kert?
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Funny that Dean Jones had a difficult time doing a show about marriage, although I take it he was apparently going through a tough divorce. He had previously appeared on Broadway in "Under the Yum Yum Tree", and recreated his role in the film. It's all about him and his intended living together for a trial marriage, but without sex, while there's a landlord who lives next door who is trying ever so hard to seduce Jones' fiance and trying to tire Jones out from even thinking about sex so he can have dibs on the girl. Jack Lemmon plays the randy neighbor in the film, and Gig Young did the role on Broadway. Dean Jones also did another sex comedy in the 1960s, playing opposite Jane Fonda and Jason Robards in "Any Wednesday". I mean, "Company" is kind of a like a more thoughtful, after-marriage sex comedy in certain ways. I wonder why Jones got involved and why Anthony Perkins, originally thought of for the role, didn't continue to open on Broadway or have the producers wait till he was available. The Disney films for which Dean Jones was most famous for playing leads in film by that time weren't the same kind of audience box-office-wise for Jones anyway. Not to say he's not wonderful on the recording -- he is. But something really bothered him about the show. However, he did come back for a reunion show concert years later.

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