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Ford isn't really being glorified or really celebrated in that number; he's a big historical figure, but he certainly doesn't come off as heroic or glamorous. He's providing work, but at what cost to these workers? Someone who's not clever who can do the same one thing like tightening a screw over and over -- it might be a job, but possibly one that is anathema to those workers' mental states, deadening or weakening their thoughts by doing the same thing for hours day in and day out. Ford invented something which was efficient in production, but most likely created lots of work for mental health specialists as well. As far as his very negative political stances, they were well-known and not touched upon in the show. But I'm of the opinion that it's not a good thing to eliminate discussions of some of these important historical figures since research, like you've discovered, shows what nasty views they had. It's a good thing you and others have discovered it. Lots of bad stuff has happened over the years and ignoring them (or having them cut out of shows) to avoid being upset isn't the way well-informed people should approach everything. Not to say that's your approach, but it is of some people.

Btw, Eva Peron also hobnobbed with Nazis, and she and her husband were autocrats/dictators; to the show's credit, "Evita" takes pains while trying to humanize and show the glorification of her by many of her people, has the character of Che and others very determined to try to show her hypocrisy and her negatives as well.

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