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Posted by: Chazwaza 05:43 pm EST 01/21/23
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re: Evita, I don't think the show, as written and certainly as original directed takes any pains to humanize her... it does depict the glorification treatment she received from many of her people, but I think if anything the show is written with an extremely critical slant on her. The show works because it has a narrator who exists to oppose her and question her.
I don't think they need to try to humanize her because she was very much human.

I agree, re: Ragtime, Ford is not celebrated, or glorified. But the song does have a kind of triumphant history lesson feel to it and is not at all critical of him or the assembly line, outside of whatever context the audience brings to this idea. But I gotta say however awful he was as a person, it is useless and insulting to our minds to try to erase his accomplishments as an industry titan or how his factories changed and shaped the American landscape and economy and work day and so many things. I think the show has the unenviable job of covering highlights of history without having much time to go into nuanced detail/analysis/discussion of the people or events covered, because there are so many fictional characters and plot points that the show is actually telling to focus on. (i love the show but nuance isn't it's number one strength, nor is it the focus)

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