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Back during the 1997 American premiere of "Ragtime" at the since-demolished Shubert Theatre in Los Angeles, I remember the actor playing Henry Ford was able to sneak in a quick Nazi salute at the climax of his character's musical number to reflect the car mogul's notorious antisemitism.
But I could be misremembering about the performance I saw. This is especially since "Ragtime" productions opened in Toronto, New York and Chicago at corporately sponsored theaters that were renovated or reopened with variations on the name of "Ford Center for the Performing Arts." This aspect prodded some critics at the time to accuse "Ragtime" of blatant product placement.
But the Ford Motor Company has also taken some steps to acknowledge the appalling behavior of its founder. For example, Ford was the sole corporate sponsor to the 1997 network TV broadcast of Steven Spielberg's "Schindler's List." The film was aired without any commercial breaks.

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