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Posted by: Chazwaza 11:20 pm EST 01/21/23
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Just to amend what I said, I do think some of the lyrics in the Henry Ford song are critical and paint a negative view of him, as mentioned in this thread already. I just think they can also be heard by people with a different view of things as not bad or critical at all. To many, making people into cogs in a larger machine of production or finding something that those "who ain't too clever" can do, even if it's the same thing over and over forever, they'd see as worthwhile or even good. And in some ways that can be true. And in other ways it's awful and dehumanizing. Depends how you look at it and what each audience member brings to the context of the song and lyrics. It's not the same as Che singing angrily at Eva's mourners "sing you fools but you got it wrong" and the many other overtly critical and mocking things said about Eva, Juan and the people who helped them gain power, maintain power or who just generally loved them blindly.

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