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Posted by: ryhog 11:01 am EST 01/23/23
In reply to: re: Yes, but… - FrenchDip 10:11 am EST 01/23/23

The question, then, is whether they want to treat the show as ineligible under the rule (without violating it):
"A play or musical that is determined ... to be a 'classic' or in the historical or popular repertoire shall not be eligible." Were I so inclined I could argue that it is none of the above.

Even when the pretend to write rules, they leave themselves lots of wiggle room. As I have said before, in a different context, the Tonys are a fiefdom not a democracy and that's how they make rules. It's like when my friends, who have an absolute "take your shoes off in the foyer" rule, didn't say anything to Elaine Stritch. (Because would you? :-) )

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