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I'm so glad someone thought to ask this! She was delightful - effortlessly likable stage presence (her one major theater credit as far as I'm aware, at least in New York), and she anchored the piece with all the sometimes spooky, sometimes dotty goings-on around her. If memory serves, this was before almost all of her significant screen credits as well - I was familiar with her from the HBO series "Treme", where she'd started out as a bit player late in Season 2, I think, moved up to strong recurring, and by the end of the series felt almost as crucial, in importance if not screen time, as some of the regulars.
So when she did "John" that was before Downsizing, Forever, Homecoming, Watchmen, or any of her other substantial film & TV credits since.

If you don't get stuck behind a paywall, here's a great interview with her a year or so after "John", at the time of Downsizing - for which she did NOT get nominated, by the way - but she says in so many words that she was thrilled to John because it came during a year when she couldn't get a single audition for a movie. (She also speaks about what she learned from the experience of doing the play.)
Link ‘Downsizing’ Actress Breaks Through, for Better and Worse

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