BETWEEN RIVERSIDE AND CRAZY - any negative opinions?
Posted by: Theatergoer1978 06:48 pm EST 01/25/23

Saw this play earlier this week, and it did not sit well with me. I am not a "I don't like this play/movie/book because the main character is unlikable" type of person. And this main character isn't unlikable. But he's not nice...or a good person. So the whole resolution that worked out just fine & dandy for him bothered me. Demanding the ring was so mean-spirited, and something you'd never do to anybody you remotely cared about. So was that a problem with the playwriting, or was he full of crap about his father-daughter relationship with the cop partner all those years?

Which brings me to the other, possibly bigger problem: Everything having to do with the lawsuit was so bogus. They'd only offer to expunge his son's (long) record – would NEVER happen, btw — if they were so desperate to bury the whole white cop shooting a Black cop incident. And if they were, they would have settled the whole thing quickly eight years ago! Also, what exactly was Pops holding out for? To go to trial, where all his dirty laundry would be aired? As a cop, he would know to avoid that situation. Based on the ending, doesn't seem it was really about an amount of money, so what did he want? It was all so implausible and legally dubious. (Do not bother replying that I am naive about how the NYPD operates. I am not. Many things that were discussed would not happen, ever.)

The person who went with me had seen the play at Second Stage. They didn't remember it that well, but did recall enjoying it. But they didn't enjoy it on Broadway. I've heard very little, possibly no, negative critiques of this show. Are we the only ones?

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