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Posted by: lordofspeech 10:12 am EST 01/26/23
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The original Gussie made sense to me because Frank was shuffling off his first, love-marriage to Beth to « marry up. ». Gussie is Frank’s ticket into getting his work produced. Once the character became an actress, it didn’t make sense for Frank’s trajectory. I mean, how many actresses can throw enough weight around to get a writer produced. Some. Garland did a lot for Peter Allen, i guess Audra MacDonald has put her weight behind some composers, for obvious examples. But to me this marriage to Gussie made sense when she wasn’t an actress but a powerful producer’s powerful wife. Even the name, Gussie as in « gussied up », suggested that Frank was pursuing the outward show of success in achieving her.
Frank is a climber. Gussie needs to be a more practical stepping stone, I think.
I didn’t see this revival. I saw the original and then about 3 of the current version.

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