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Posted by: chrismpls 01:25 pm EST 01/26/23
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I don't think it's about the culture moving on. I'm with you on Hunter -- "Case for the Existence of God" blew me away, in particular -- but I think this is just a case of the conventions of theater not translating well to film. The movie is quite faithful to the play but stuff that played into the kind of suspension of belief that's routine in the theater (like, for instance, conveniently timed entrances and exits of the other characters, while Charlie stays in the same place) just don't work in a medium that we experience as more "realistic." I kept wondering if the movie would work better if it weren't so anchored to, for instance, a realistic-looking set -- if, like "Existence of God," it put realistic pieces in an impressionistic environment.
Anyway, I'm not sure how well the play reads but, if I were you, I'd skip the movie and hope for a regional production of the play.

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