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I remember seeing him and thinking he was the best actor in the play. I also remember that Hilton Als wrote a review of the play in the New Yorker, and the focus of the review was Butler's excellent performance. I found the review and here's how it begins:

Although there are many performers in George C. Wolfe’s staging of Eugene O’Neill’s phenomenal 1946 four-act and nearly four-hour drama, “The Iceman Cometh” (now in revival at the Bernard B. Jacobs), there is only one actor, and his name is Austin Butler. Most performers want to be seen at any cost, but actors—at least, those as good as Butler—are both determined and relaxed in their ambition to do justice to the playwright’s text while contributing to the life of the story. Butler, making his Broadway début as Don Parritt, an eighteen-year-old lost boy who takes up residence at Harry Hope’s dive bar and hotel on Manhattan’s Lower West Side, illustrates, the moment he takes the stage, the difference between the two. Tall, with fair hair and light-colored eyes, he conveys, through economy of movement and facial expression, what many of his castmates try to show by shouting and grandstanding: his character’s inner life.

Here's a link to Als' review: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2018/05/07/eugene-oneills-unhappy-hour


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