re: My Fair Lady tour
Posted by: TowaOfTeraOnBway 04:50 pm EST 01/26/23
In reply to: My Fair Lady tour - jeffef 12:39 pm EST 01/26/23

I cannot answer any of your questions however, I am upset to see it's doing one-night engagements. It's coming to Orlando, I was excited to see the Lincoln Center Theatre production, but I doubt this is the production that's touring if it's doing one-night stops. I would have thought this set would take longer to load and unload than a one-night stint would allow. (Did the original tour go out with the revolving house?) Just seems like we are getting something significantly less than what the Lincoln Center production was, and I don't understand how it can still be advertised as such and charge the insane prices it's charging in Orlando. I almost don't mind it being non-equity, I just want to see the same physical production.

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