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Robert Hofler in The Wrap was another critic who raved about Butler's Broadway debut in Eugene O'Neill's ''The Iceman Cometh'' (2018).

Hofler said of Butler's Don Parritt: ''He’s the one newcomer to the bar, the teenage snitch who has turned in his own anarchist mother to the authorities. Butler is an Edward Hopper portrait come to life, and embodies that painter’s sense of urban alienation from the moment he opens his mouth. It’s an important Broadway debut in the role that a pre-“Streetcar” Marlon Brandon rejected in 1946.''

Butler began acting as a teenager in Disney and Nickelodeon TV shows, and as he got older, did series on the CW. But he says his Broadway debut changed his life and career, playing opposite his ''hero'': Denzel Washington. Washington was reportedly impressed by Butler's work ethic, and they had a friendly rivalry based on who could arrive to the theater first. When Washington heard Baz Luhrmann was doing a biopic of Elvis, he recommended Butler. And when Butler won the Golden Globe for ''Elvis,'' he thanked Washington. ... Butler says he loves theater, and I can't wait to see what he does when he returns to Broadway.
Link Broadway.com: David Morse and Austin Butler on Their Heartbreaking 'Iceman Cometh' Duo and Why O'Neill Is Never Easy

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