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I was in London in December. Of the shows you mention:

2:22 A Ghost Story has a new cast. Although one dropped out so one of the original cast members is back in. I went for Lily Allen and she was wonderful. I sat in the front of the dress circle and that helped with the loud sounds you will experience. The people next to me loved it. I was left cold.

Best of Enemies will transfer to Broadway. It's got a strong story that is pitched for the American ear. We had seats in the stalls but not too close. I would be overwhelming if you're within the first 3 rows.

Lehman Trilogy has an entirely new cast. Hadley Fraser would be a draw for me to see it for a third time. The Gillian Lynn is a large space with a layout similar to the Vivian Beaumont. Avoid the sides

Orlando was a odd. It's has good performances but should of had a stronger plot. I'd never seen a stage production and it fit into an available time slot on my vacation trip so I went.

Allegiance was on Broadway a few years ago. It's enjoyable. The Charing Cross Theatre is an intimate space and it's stage in the center with audience on two sides. I think the band is in the boxes so they're not available. Go for George, he's great. Telly is also delightful.

I saw Cabaret in January 2021 with the original cast. I don't think they require you take a covid test but don't be surprised if they do. The box office provided the test kit and I did it on the street in-front of the box office. It's not immersive in performance as it should be. A chorus member did do a faux "lap dance" over my seat. Don't be fooled by the preshow. Yes arrive early.

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