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wmorrow, thank you for your insights! If you don't mind my asking, I have some follow-up questions that I hope you can shed some light on!

- I assume intermission is edited out, but what if there is a several-minute "pause" between acts? Would that normally be kept in?

- if the producers want a replacement recording, would they pay for the re-filming, or would the library do so? For the first filming, do the producers pay for any of the costs?

- if there are, say, 40 shows that open on Broadway in a season and have decent-length runs, how many of them would typically be filmed?

- The Piano Lesson was originally scheduled to run until Jan 15, but then got extended, although Trai Byers did not continue with the extension. My general sense, which could be wrong, is that most shows are not filmed until they have been running for a while. Is my sense that the filming doesn't happen typically for months after opening correct? If so, is that more the preference of the show or of the library?

- Finally, I was looking at the website just now. On the opening page, it says that the current exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of TOFT is running until the end of February and an exhibit about Willa Kim is running after that, but a different page says the anniversay exhibit is running until the end of June. Do you know which is correct?

Sorry to ask so many questions! The library is such a great resource!

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