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Last question first: the TOFT exhibition has been extended. It will be running through June, although I don't know the exact closing date.

As for when shows are taped -- it varies. In the early dates of the archive (1970s-80s) it was often at the very end of a run. More recently, every effort is made to get the opening night cast, or at least the leads. Often, the taping takes place shortly before the leads depart. But many factors are involved.

The number of tapings per season varies greatly. When this question came up in ATC a few years ago, the math at that time suggested that about two-thirds of the shows in a given B'way season might be taped for the archive. But again, it varies.

Most of the time, producers do not pay for a TOFT taping of their show. Sometimes, they do. On the rare occasions (I can think of two) when shows are recorded again, the producers paid for it.

Intermissions are not included in a typical TOFT video. There may be exceptions, but normally cameras are turned off.

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