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Posted by: ChicagoDRO 09:31 pm EST 01/27/23
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I was in London in June. I saw Back to the Future- it was fun with jet lag. It kept me up and the effects are amazing, but the music is just OK. Performances were fun and I'm happy to see the two leads that will come to New York. Next I saw Cabaret- the cast had just changed over for the first time- I was not as moved emotionally by the show but it was beautiful, well acted and the theatre was amazing. No Covid test was needed, but masks were required. Go early for the pre-show, 6PM. I did not have a cabaret table with food service but got there early anyways. My main floor seat was great but the Small balcony (there is a small and a large) first two rows are where I suggest you sit. The show is really not all that immersive. Next I saw The Mousetrap. It had just reopened. Fun time in a classic theatre- so much history there. Next I saw Moulin Rouge because I see MR whenever I can- saw the US tour 14 times, NYC 4 times. Next I saw ABBA VOYAGE- I had a blast!!! Go if you like their music and like to dance. I bought a seat, well worth it. I'm too old for the standing room pit. I went back to Moulin Rouge again- of course I did!
I also saw two shows that have closed. Legally Blonde at Regent Park outdoors- This was a highlight. So well cast and directed. I also saw My Fair Lady with a full orchestra. Such an appropriate show to see in London. I was amazed at how London was dominated with American shows, as most of the local theatre had yet to re open. I enjoyed The Lehman Trilogy in NYC. I was interested in 2:22, Bonnie & Clyde, Oklahoma, Witness, and Harry Potter. Crazy For You opens in June. Have a great time.

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